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Vyke – one of the pioneer in VOIP service has started its service in India. Vyke is a Voice over IP telephony company with a focus on mobile VoIP and IP SMS without the need for additional hardware. Vyke allows users to make telephone calls and send SMS over the internet via their mobile-handset, computer or a normal fixed or landline.

Vyke offers free calls and SMS between connected users by utilizing existing WiFi and wireless zones, existing mobile phone provider internet networks and proprietary software. Additional services available to Vyke subscribers and customers include more traditional VoIP technology such as computer–to-phone calling, callback (where two nominated numbers are connected by Vyke via SMS, computer-initiated or callback number request), computer-based SMS and several other initiatives. Vyke offers free calls with only a one time connection charge to countries such as the United States, Canada and most countries in Europe. Hence it falls under the free or almost free VoIP providers .

Enjoy Vyke's cheap international phone calls using PC-to-Phone, WIFI enabled mobile phones, SIP devices or Callback. Get a free dollar when you sign up for free, and it is no hidden charges or extra cost, just pay-as-you-go calling and sms. 4 US cent per call connection charge to free landline destinations with Vyke PC-to-Phone, Mobile VoIP and VoIP Phone.

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