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    I'm trying to find out if I can use an unlocked Pixi Plus in Korea. I'm in the military and I'm here in Korea for a year. Back in the states, I had a locked Pixi through Sprint w/ their Simply Everything plan. I loved the phone and the fact that w/ the WebOS, I could open multiple pages at once and I loved the layout of the phone. I couldn't use the phone here in Korea w/o being on a worldwide plan and costing me a fortune.

    I got a Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini 10 Pro w/ service though SKT which it has a sim card.

    I have been eyeing an unlocked Pixi Plus (AT&T version) that takes a sim card. It is an unlocked GSM/WCDMA type.

    I talked to a sales person and asked him if it would be possible to put the sim card I have in the Xperia and pop it into the Pixi and be good to go.

    I showed him the specs on the Pixi and he said that it should work since it's WCDMA, but not sure about the signalling.

    Can anyone possibly help w/ this?

    The Pixi I'm looking to get (you have to copy and paste the URL's to see the webpages since newbs can't post links... lol



    Info on SKT (if it helps any)


    See More: Pixi Plus in Korea

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    Re: Pixi Plus in Korea


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