If you want to be able to root the HTC One as well as flash custom ROMs on it, first you need to unlock your device’s bootloader. This can easily be done by following the steps of this tutorial.

Read This First

  1. This tutorial is intended only for the HTC One, so you shouldn’t attempt to use follow these steps for any other smartphone.
  2. By unlocking the bootloader, you’re going to lose all the data stored on your HTC One, so it’s important to back up all your files on your computer via the USB cable or using any other method you prefer.
  3. The warranty of your HTC One will be voided if you decide to unlock the bootloader.
  4. After you unlock the bootloader, it’s highly recommended to deny the installation of any new software update, as otherwise your device might get bricked.
  5. Proceed at your own expense! We are not responsive if anything goes wrong with your HTC One.
  6. Read the entire tutorial before you proceed!


  1. Download and install the HTC Sync Manager prior to beginning the bootloader unlock.
  2. Download Fastboot .zip and extract the files of the zip and save them into a new folder named Fastboot and place that folder on the computer desktop. You should have 4 files.
  3. It’s recommended to disable your antivirus as it may interfere with the Bootloader tools.
  4. The battery of your HTC One should be at least 75% charged before you start the unlocking.

Unlocking the HTC One Bootloader

  1. First you need to create an account on HTC Dev.com – click on Register and follow the necessary steps. Don’t forget to verify your email address.
  2. After that, log in with your HTC account and go to the unlock bootloader page.
  3. From the Select Your Device drop-down list, select All Other Supported Models and click Begin Unlock Bootloader.
  4. A pop-up message will then ask you to confirm the bootloader unlocking -> confirm by clicking Yes -> then accept the Terms of Service and click Proceed to Unlock Instructions.
  5. You will then be asked to power off your smartphone and ensure it’s disconnected from the computer -> press and hold both the Volume Down and Power key at the same time until your HTC One boots into the Bootloader Mode -> select the Fastboot option.
  6. Now connect your HTC One to the computer via the USB cable.
  7. On the HTC Dev web page, click Proceed to Step 5, however, you shouldn’t follow the instructions given by HTC Dev. Instead, go to the Fastboot folder -> press and hold the Shift key +right click on an empty area in the Fastboot folder to open a command window and select Open Command Window Here from the menu.
  8. In the Command Prompt window enter the fastboot devices command line. This will tell you whether your smartphone has been detected by your computer or not. If your HTC One has been detected, proceed to the next step. But if the command prompt window doesn’t show any information in it, it means the handset hasn’t been detected and you need to re-install HTC Sync Manager, restart your PC and start the tutorial all over again.
  9. From the HTC Dev web page, click the Proceed to Step 8, but don’t close the command prompt.
  10. Now follow the steps found on the HTC Dev web page and when finished following the steps, tap Done.
  11. In case all the instructions have been successfully submitted, on the following page you will see a Token Submitted Successfully alert and you should receive an email with the unlock key.
  12. Open your email and copy the Unlock_code.bin file that is attached to the email and then copy-paste it into the Fastboot folder that should now have 5 files.
  13. Go back to the Command Prompt Window and enter fasboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin - this will unlock the bootloader.
  14. You’re going to receive a request to Unlock the Bootloader on your HTC One -> use the Volume keys to select YES and press the Power key to confirm the action.
  15. Your HTC One will now restart and complete the unlocking process -> disconnect the handset from your computer when finished.
  16. And this is pretty much everything! Congratulations! The bootloader of your HTC One has been unlocked!

Note: Check to see if the bootloader has been unlocked by powering your HTC One off, then boot it into the Bootloader Mode by pressing both the Volume Down and Power keys simultaneously. The Bootloader mode should now say UNLOCKED.

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