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    LG Rhythm-AX585 White
    I used to have an lg AX380 wave w/ many ringtones on it that can be saved to an sd card. the phone broke in half so i can't see what i'm doin, but the bottom still works and can even make calls. Will someone with a working wave please help me know which buttons to push after i put the sd card into the phone to save the ringtones onto it? much thanks!

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    Re: help w/ saving ringtones to sd card

    I was not able to figure out how to save the ringtone onto an sd card, but what I did was partner via bluetooth the old and new phone and then transfererred the ringtone via bluetooth. As a side note... you need to click receive via bluetooth on the receiving phone as well as send via bluetooth on the sending phone. On mine it did not send to the ringtones location, but to the music location so watch out for that.

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