So, I have to say I am a techno-idiot when it comes to cel phones. Anyway, though, I have the new Razr V8. I like to use it on speakerphone and, in fact, one reason I picked this phone was that it reportedly had good speakerphone quality (sending and receiving). However, the phone is automatically set to hang up when you flip it closed. I find it a nuisance to walk around talking on an open flip phone on speaker phone.

I assumed there would be a menu option to turn off the auto-hang up when you close it, but I cannot find it (I did find where I can turn off the auto-answer when you open it. Seems odd to me they have one, but not the other.)

I mean, I assume the phone must be able to work in the shut position, otherwise you'd have to actually flip it open even if, say, you were talking on a hands-free headset. That would be retarded.

So, am I missing a menu option, or is this something I can address through software mods or am I just out of luck?



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