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    Will nextel ever catch up and get the razr equivalent? Any super slim phone by LG, Motorola or anybody? Does anyone know if they are working on a superslim phone with walkie talkie?

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    Re: When will nextel get the super slim phone??

    I hear the 2007 phones are gonna be crazy nyce!
    and smaller!
    I got a i930 its bigger than my home phone!
    but i love it!

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    Re: When will nextel get the super slim phone??

    Nextel has never been at the top of the line with phones, a lot of people blame the use of the iDEN network for this, but at the same time it can also be a good thing, especially for business users.

    That being said Nextel has always been catered more towards business use and the reason that the iDEN network is good for this is that a lot of the phones Motorola build for it use proven technology (not state-of-the-art).

    My guess is that we will not see one from Nextel because obviously Sprint is trying to "merge" the networks as best as possible and their focus will be there, rather than on the newest phones.

    Don't expect any phones from any other company than Motorola though. Why do I say that you ask? Motorola created iDEN.

    If you are interested in a slim phone and don't mind giving up Nextel (although I personally prefer Nextel's service) you can (unless you are in an affiliate market) switch your contract to Sprint PCS and get a Samsung A900, a phone I personally have and love. But thats up to you!


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    Re: When will nextel get the super slim phone??

    What does IDEN mean.

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    Re: When will nextel get the super slim phone??

    Integrated Digital Enhanced Network

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    Re: When will nextel get the super slim phone??

    Yeah I've wondered the same. Why doesn't nextel release more phones more often like other providers? They seem to be high tech, but lately in 2006, it seems to me that everyone else is blowing away Nextel with cool phones, cool features, and more of them!

    Frankly it's getting sad. I used to be real proud to be a Nextel customer, and I still am, but not as much anymore. I have the i860, and I feel technologically behind! In February my contract will be up, and I want to upgrade my phone at that time so I can get the lowest possible price.

    What do I upgrade too though? What will be out by then? Do I have something to look forward too? I REALLY don't want to leave Nextel because like others, I prefer their services, I'm loyal to DC and their services. Plus my dad is on my account and he loves Nextel so I can't really leave. Plus my brother is moving back home from west coast and he wants to get on my account.

    So anyone know if there will be any badass phones as good as or better than the i920 & i930? Otherwise those 2 are on my list so far. Oh and is the i930's camera a 1.3MP or what? I have so many questions, haha. Is the Blackberry 7100i worth getting?
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    Re: When will nextel get the super slim phone??

    Because of the IDEN network nextel uses, its next to impossible to get a slimmer phone. Besides, the i836, the current slim line phone....SUCKS! Because of the technology it uses, a slim line battery will not last that long.....I have a co worker who carries it and has to charge it all the time!

    I have seen the protocols for the newer phones, and they will be slimmer, but in the long run it will hurt talk time.

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