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    I have several used nextel phones. one is an I760. I currently have straight talk unlimted $45.00 monthly. Can I get an prepaid unlimited direct connect? I know sprint merged with nextel, but my local store just wants to sell me a new phone. I really want to use direct connect with my family and friends but no not want any contracts. I saw on straight talks website that they will sell you a simm card for any non prepaid phone.

    I do not know if they support direct connect. It would be nice if android phones had direct connect. They seem to have everything else. I really would like to use the old phones I have. It seems like a waste.


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    Re: Using Nextel Direct Connect as prepaid.

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    You cannot use a Nextel phone on Straight Talk. You can only use Straight Talk phones, or any AT&T, T-Mobile, or some unlocked GSM phones. Nextel is iDEN, which is a different technology. You can try calling Boost Mobile to see if they will activate the phone.

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