Hey guys, I'm new to this forum so I'm not too sure where to post, so I'll put it here since my phone model is Nokia.

So my phone model is Nokia 6260
and I ordered it from Hong Kong, so it is unlocked and probably unfamiliar with the internet/WAPsettings here (Canada).

So my problem is, I've tried inputting all the IP addresses and stuff into the phone settings for WAP and stuff I've gotten from other sites... and I can't seem to get on the internet. And I'm with FIdo.

I want to download tones and themes, but I can't obviously cause of my problem. So I was wondering if I could get some kind of bluetooth device for my desktop PC, and from there, transfer files from PC to phone.

Or if you guys could PLEASE give me step by step advice on how to set the internet settings up on my phone and I could give it a try.

Thanks a lot!

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