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    Google Translator widget is a free, powerful and easy-to-use multilingual translation interface that uses the Google translation engine and satisfies your translation needs on the go.

    Similar to its web based translation service, this flash based Google Translation application for Symbian devices translates a words or section of text into another language.

    Unfortunately, there are some limitations and missing functions such as limited number of offered languages, missing support for site translations, dictionary and tools but you can always switch to S60 browser and use the regular web based translation engine as it works just fine and is maybe even better solution in some cases.

    Application is mainly developed to appeal to travelers who don’t want to carry around phrase books and as it uses as minimal amount of data as possible it is perfect solution while you’re abroad!

    Change Log:

    * Now supports 45 languages.
    * Symbian^3 support.


    See More: PicoBrothers Google Translate v1.1.0 S60v5 And s60V3 OS9.x

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    Re: PicoBrothers Google Translate v1.1.0 S60v5 And s60V3 OS9.x

    I have been using this translator for a long time. But not all translations here are of high quality. When I needed to translate an article from English into Latin, I turned to www.translate.com/english-latin and I didn't regret it. I managed to make an accurate translation.
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    Re: PicoBrothers Google Translate v1.1.0 S60v5 And s60V3 OS9.x

    I'll go a little farther afield) Languages are the colorful threads that weave together cultures from all over the world. Right? With https://www.conveythis.com/integrations/shopify-app , you become an ambassador of communication, connecting people from all over the world through your site. After all, translating your website, has never been easier, ever!

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    Re: PicoBrothers Google Translate v1.1.0 S60v5 And s60V3 OS9.x


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