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    Hey for those that might not already know... if you own a Nokia 3650 and have installed the PC suite you can have free ring tones. Though there is no information about this from Nokia, ATT&T, or the PC Suite software all you have to do is transfere the *.mid files that you want as a ring tone. No cost, no $1.95 from Nokia, ATT&T, or any other service providing ringtones!

    The steps:
    1. Connect 3650 to computer (IR or Blue)
    2. Open PC suite
    3. Click on File transfer
    4. Top half, navagate to your midi files
    5. Bottem half, navaget: Phone Memory/Sound Files/Digital
    6. Drag and drop or highlight and cligh the Blue arrow

    Notes: there seems to be a limit to how many midi files you can have on the phone, and there are a few mid files that will not work or not show up on your phone. (i have not figured out why this is, anyone else know?)

    Enjoy your new free ringtones!

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    To answer your question, I think its to do with filesize, I think they can only be under 30kb, although dont quote me on that.

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    Size doesn't matter

    I have files 802 bytes to 77 KB andd i have tested all of my midi's and is just one that does not work????

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