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    orange just cut down my line because my invoice growed to rapidly did you ever heard from this? my boss went for an holiday and iam working from home then, now i call only with my mobile, i have to say i call like 4/5 hours a day all around the world, and now they shut it down and do i have to call with my normal home phone damnit this will cost me a **** load


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    Re: Ripped off

    I've heard worse stories - like a friend of mine who took up the famous o2 "unlimited texts" offer a couple of years ago only to be told after a week that she was using "too many".

    I have a friend who works for Orange in Darlington. Apparently they're using a ton of these cost-saving measures at the moment. I don't think yours is a common problem, but I guess they do it to because that might the pattern of behaviour you'd expect from a stolen phone or one that's being used without authorisation. Still sucks, though - sounds like the sort of thing an accountant has dreamt up.

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