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    wellll.... i ahve firmware version a19 and its old... only 10 sms messages and i want the new a53... with 200 on the phone and 20 on the sim that would be sooo ace... but i dont understand totally about upgrading

    well first i think i need a cable thingy (lol) where to go? where can i find one?

    second how much they cost?

    third is it dangerous?

    fourth where can i find the firmware?

    fifth is there an easier way to any of it? (i mean take it to phone shops, im willing to pay )

    anyone plzzzz plzz help me

    Thanx in advance

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    cable go to ebay bout 15 firmware getting harder to find look on some phone forums you need winmodo and cb200 to do the upgrade. it is kinda dangerous read the directions well. You can try look around where u live but i dont know where that is so i cant really help yo there
    ive done 5 phones no problem

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