Hello all.
New to Sprint and the forum, but so far loving both.

My question is in regards to the Standard/Universal Barrel Chargers.
We have 2 sprint phones, a Samsung A920 and LG Pm-225.
I have noticed and read about Sprint being the only
company that provies the universal plug.

Looking at the included wall chargers for both phones:

Samsung - flat charger connector, power supply lists 5v .7A output.
LG - Barrel chager connector, power suply lists 5v 1A output.

My question is: Can the LG Barrel plug charger be used in the Samsung phone too?
I have looked in the forums, and people mention that differing Volts and Amps
can fry phones, so I just wanted to be sure about compatability. I don't know a whole lot about Volts & Amps.

Also, I'd love to be able to buy just one car charger for both.
Sprint Store offers a Barrel type car charger for $30.
but the package only lists it working with Samsung. Could I use that on both phones?
If it could be used on both, why don't they say "Compatable with all phones"?

Samsung offers a Barrel Type charger here for $15:

Would it be safe to assume that it would work in the LG?
Barring any problems with the Volts and Amps listed above.

I'm really trying to stick with an OEM car charger that has the IC chip in it to
protect the battery. Our last phones wouldn't hold a charge after buying
a car charger on Ebay. My guess is that it affected the battery memory.

Thanks so much (in advance)

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