Hey guys, I've been reading a bit and have been wondering how to put applications on my new Upstage. I've become familiar with the terms *.jad and *.jar, knowing that those are the two necessary files to install on a phone to get a game/app to work. The JAD is the install file, while the JAR is the data (important) file, no?

I have the USB cable for my Upstage, and I'm trying to transfer games to it that support the screen size 177x208. The phone does not recognize the two filetypes.

Are there limitations on manually installing apps on a phone (read something about that on another thread), and what I can do ?codes? to be able to install these applications?

In the file-folder of the "storage drive", where would I put these files?

Basically... I'm a noob and I need help and not even sure what I'm trying to ask. :|

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