I am interesting in switching from Rogers (canada) to the new Wind, however Wind's network is something new called AWS. My current Samsung D900 is not able to support this.

I found the Behold II as a nice featured/looking phone that supports AWS (and if I remember, correctly, also other existing networks).

I was looking online, and since this phone appears to only be available in the USA (T-Mobile), does anyone know if this phone can be unlocked?

When I say unlocked I mean fully. Apparently, many got it unlocked to use with a sim card from another network, however,, features were then locked (ie. internet use, etc).

Finally, parts of Toronto have an internet bluetooth hotspot. Can this phone use such a network for internet/email without a dataplan? (i was told the iPhone REQUIRES a dataplan to use any type of internet activity).

Regards and thanks for any help,


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