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    When I record a video or take pictures or try to transfer music or any files to or from my computer to the phone it won't transfer via usb cable. I tried different usb cables, different computer & did factory reset, wiped partition cache & tried internal memory & all fail. Tracfone won't repair or replace the phone because it's 6 days over the year warranty. Does anyone know what can be wrong?

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    Re: Samsung A20 Files won't transfer

    Hi, to transfer file like photos, videos, music, etc. between your Samsung phone and the computer, maybe you can try a third-party program. My suggestion is Coolmuster Android Assistant, which can help your access to photos, videos, music on your Samsung phone and transfer them to the computer or import them from the computer to your Samsung phone. It's easy and safe. You just need to connect your Samsung phone to the comptuer via USB, enable USB debugging on it. Then you can do that easily.

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    Re: Samsung A20 Files won't transfer

    If the usb cable doen not work, try to use other methods, such as Google account or 3rd party tool. You can back up the file to Google and then log in the same account on PC and restore the files. Or you can use 3rd party tool to transfer files via WiFi.

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