I see that a lot of people have a problem with getting Bootloader password.

They can't find correct details like Product ID and serial number.

I prepare for them checker. You need to type only IMEI to get all needed info

IMEI	8619440342xxxx
Serial Number	AEPBBCB7712xxxx
Product Model	LYO-L01
Product ID	24913335
Name	LYO-L01
Country	IE
Supported Country	Latvia, Lietuva, United Kingdom, Hrvatska, România, Norge, Magyarország, France, България, Belgique, Deutschland, Suomi, Danmark, Ireland, České, Österreich, Κύπρος, Sverige, Slovenia, Slovensko, Italia, Portugal, Polska, Suisse, Ελλάδα, España, Nederland, Estonia
End of warranty	2019-10-23
Warranty status	Full Warranty
Device model type
Just go to Check Serial Number and Product ID on Huawei Phones and type your IMEI

Also please check also full Tutorial How to get BootLoader password for Huawei

Let me know about any problems.

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