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    Hello to the general public

    This is a public service message, as a warning to those who have
    been abused by nasty T-Mobile staff.

    Today is the first day to voice your concerns,

    Now you can call directly to the office, in the morning and through the evening, and leave
    messages to Mr. Robert Dotson, CEO and to CFO Brain Kirkpatrick
    425 378 4000 425 378 4000

    Call in the evening and use the following extentions 3101 all the way to 3199

    Please be sure to leave a nice message about how nasty the staff treats you.

    Call about any complaint, be sure to leave a polite message and tell them
    how your service is and that you want to change and deal with a REALLY nice company.

    T-Mobile is the worst Telcom firm in the world.

    Tell the corporate board what you think about the nasty treatments you get
    when dealing with 611

    It is quite possible that if everyone with a concern calls during the day and evening
    that T-Mobile might start to actually train their nasty staff to be nice.

    I have experienced overboard and off base USB stick charges, and sent actual photos
    back to T-Mobile proving that their software was wrongly charging and they ignored
    me and abused me and even turned off my cellular USB stick, forcing me to get
    a new service porvider during the same day.

    I sadly spent seven hours trying to clarify with T-Mobile 611 on my birthday and lost
    seven hours of my life trying to speak to someone nice.

    Today was the last day of abuse, as T-Mobile again wasted 4 more hours of my life
    and staff were even more extremly rude to me.

    I have to now change my two cellular phone numbers to another REAL phone company
    even though I have paid up my service, which is always around 300 a month.
    Even though I have already paid for the service, I expect that T-Mobile will
    abuse me even more now.

    The above phone number is public information, gleamed from the public library.

    T-Mobile does not want the general public to call.

    Go ahead and voice your concerns.

    If the nasty staff hangs up on you or places you in the endless
    pointless voice mail which we all hate and really wish was changed,
    call back in.

    Keep calling until you get heard.

    Let the nasty staff at T-Mobile know how you feel

    I am tired of being abused by nasty arrogant staff

    The address of 12920 South east 38th Street Belluve Washington 98006 is the mailing adress.

    Remember to call 425 378 4000 425 378 4000 and tell Nick at the switchboard you want to talk to Linda Cook, and to Mr. Dotson, the CEO and be careful of dealing with the nasty staff named Ally. Please be nice and professional. Maybe T-Mobile staff can imitate that and start
    being positive.

    I am sure that eventually T-Mobile will attempt to start being nice
    once everyone tells them that their service is not very much up to standards.

    These nasty staffers at T-Mobile are ruthless and do not care about customer
    service and their training is completly lacking.

    Beware of T-Mobile, which is possibly the worst telecom firm in existence.

    If thousands of people call each day throughout the morning and evening,
    mabye T-Mobile might start being nice to its clients.

    My real name is James Robert Seidel and I do not want to be abused any more
    and wish that T-Mobile gave me back all the money I spent with them.

    I also would like to have a formal apology from Mr. Dotson.

    I feel embarrassed that I was so afraid to tell the world the truth about the
    nasty treatment that T-Mobile gave me.

    Now, I feel better knowing that others can now voice thier concerns, to Corporate.

    Let the nasty staffers learn to be nice to people.

    And I am no longer afraid of being abused by T-Mobile and their nasty poorly trained staff.

    I now use Sprint and other providers, because in my opinon, T mobile
    is the worst firm in the world, worst than even Dick Chenny's nonsense.

    And that whew, has to be the worst ever........

    Be sure to tell everyone at T-Mobile that James Robert Seidel
    sent you, and that he is not very happy with the nasty staff at T-Mobile.

    Make sure that you ask for a full refund.

    Make sure that you ask that you be treated nicely,

    Which most likely still will not happen since it seems most of their
    staff is either from Manilla, or somewhere in the Pacific, and that
    their corporate staff in Washington does not care about clients.

    Remember, Defeat against the enemy is not a option, only victory against

    This is a public service message

    See More: T-Mobile hidden corporate telephone numbers now found

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    Re: T-Mobile hidden corporate telephone numbers now found

    Wow, my friend works there. He lives in Seattle. He enjoys it and they have a massive call center that seems pretty intent on customer service. He's nowhere near the top but makes a good salary. Too bad you've been treated so poorly.

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    Re: T-Mobile hidden corporate telephone numbers now found

    I get good service from T-mobile. T-mobile actually has less complaints htan its competitors. Sorry for your experience though.

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    Re: T-Mobile hidden corporate telephone numbers now found

    I was in a car accident and had to stay in the hospital for a month and half for rehab. I always paid my bill with t-mobile since 2004. had no problems. no I got home , and was trying to catch up on my bills that i did not pay while i was in the hospital. all of them understood except for t-mobile. I called T-Mobile and told them what was going on. I paid for the month of may, that i was really late for 63.00. i only owed them 62.42 for june. they susupend my phone for like 3 weeks while i was in rehab. I didnt even use my phone at all ,didn't even have it on . When I talked to billling and they took the 63.00 out of my account the supervisor said he would not charge me the 20.00 to turn my phone back on. I said ok. I've been with T-Mobile since 2004 and had no problems whatsoever until this. I didnt have a contract and never upgraded on anything all these years. I still have my phone from 2004 that i've been using. I am disabled , so and 54 years old, so I decided to go to consumer cellular for 10.00 and I kept my same number. I sent in the other 62.42 i was to pay for. Everything was ok until i got a last bill in the mail for $380.00 . I flipt out. i had called T-Mobile and asked why i'm getting all these charges now. I talked to billing and the billing dept was very very nasty to me. they charged me the 20.00 fee now for my phone to get turn back on when i paid mays bill, and the supervisor said he would not charge me that but since i switched to another comsumer, now they are charging me it, then they charged me for a 200.00 cancellation fee, and then other charges for when the phone was suspended, calls coming in and text messaging. I asked them why are you doing this, the supervisor said hold on a minute, then came back on and said we can take off $120.00. I said I dont owe you anymore money. he said thats all we will take off. very nasty. I've contacted every person i could, to try and get this off, and now they put it in collection and ruining my credit. all because i switched to another consumer, and closed my account with them. Is this how people are treated when they close their account???? I need these charges taken off and I hope someone calls me from the coporate office to help with this. billling was very very nasty to me with all of this.

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    Re: T-Mobile hidden corporate telephone numbers now found

    Well I can fully agree with the gentleman about rude customers service. IT'S a shame with all the company's out here today that you would have to deal with Bill errors along with Rude service. But there service will not last much longer.They have forgotten the Golden rule.Have a Blessed day everyone.

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    Re: T-Mobile hidden corporate telephone numbers now found

    This forum has been working well since its inception. Mobile phone numbers are far more useful than landline phone numbers. Thanks for sharing this 01733 numbers on cNumber. Keep it up!
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