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    Give me ideas of what you would like to see in a phone and what sucks about these phones. Make them legitimate for example:

    Sounds too loud with car noise
    Better functioning camera
    Better display

    Let me know.

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    i have a kyocera slider, and have these wishes..........

    1. i think the ringtones need to be louder
    2. i want it to vibrate and ring at the same time
    3. with text messages, i dont like having to type the number in before i type the message. i prefer to do this after.
    4. also in relation to typing, i want the space key to be zero........its hard to get used to the 9 key

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    Thanks for the response Teb,

    As for the ringers. The Melodies are a bit soft, I know, I miss calls on Midis, But the standard rings are quiet loud.

    Ring and vibrate may be a possibility on new projects.

    For the texting, the LG phone I am testing requires a number first also, so I think that is a user preference.

    Different phones different user interface. It takes awhile, but you'll get used to it.

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    I have the Kyocera kx414 on a USCellular contract. I noticed that it does not get as good a signal as some of the Nokia phones USCelllar used to use. I live in a rural area in S.E. Idaho and use my phone in the mountains alot. I have used USCellular for about 6 years or more. The service has gotten alot better than when they where analog, but I have freinds that have the Nokia phones and they don't have to hike as far as me to get a good signal when camping or hunting. I applied a signal booster and that did the trick.

    The vibrate/ring mode takes too long to ring. It would be cool if the vibrate was cut to 5 seconds instead of ten before the ring starts.

    The microphone on mine picks up a lot of background noise wich is a pain when your around any machinary.

    Other than that the phone works great and it is has enuf features to make up for my complaints. Just make sure to use a signal booster of some sort, it helps alot.

    I'd like to see women flocking to my Kyocera, can you make that an option?
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    Re: What would you like to see in a Kyocera phone?

    so - so

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