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    hey i was just wondering if theres anyone out there who knows a site or sumthing to get instructions on how to change kyocera phantom kx414 faceplates/housing at home. thanks.

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    any info helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    First off you need a star shaped driver for the screws. They are called a fluted spline wrench.

    Then you remove the battery and locate the screws. There is one screw that is covered by a piece of red tape that will void your warrenty once removed. So if you want to keep your warrenty don't take off the red tape.

    The best way to remove the screws is in a star pattern. Don't go directly to the next screw. Take out one then do the one directly across form it. I like to loosen tham but not completely remove them. There should be six screws.

    The next part is tricky. Carefuly seperate the two sides to the phone. I prefer to leave the phone face down on something soft and lift the back straight up. Be very careful not to loose any parts. Pay very close attention to the orientaion of parts relative to the faceplate. Then you won't have to guess on how to put it back together.

    The mic.,speaker, and charger connection will fall out. Do not loose them or consider your phone trash. Also pay attention to wich way those components are facing. If you put the speaker in backwards you won't be able to hear anything at all. Same with the mic.. The part where the charger plugs into also has to have the correct orientation. Pay attention to these as you take the phone apart. On mine when I lifted offf the back the charger connectio instanly fell out and I lost it in the shag.

    If you drop a part that small and can't find it, use a vacume extension with a coffee filter rubber banded to the end. Vacume the target zone with your filtered vacume and you might find the part. Or if you don't vacume much you might find nothing but hair and dust. This method can also be used to salvage the weed you spill.

    The best way to get the pone back together is to palce the buttons, speaker, and mic. into the front face plate and then set the phone PCB inside the front faceplate and then place the back on. I like to put the screws in the back before I put it together so the back faceplate holds my screws for me. The charger connection will have to be placed in the back face plate before screwing thwem together. This is fairly difficult becouse the charger connection tends to fall out when you turn the back faceplate over to connect it to the front.

    DO NOT try to force the face plate on. If it doesn't fit easily don't use it. I bought a cheap cover for the kx414 and it would not fit. It was for a similar but slightly different kyocera. Be aware that there are some cheapo cases being sold for this phone that do not fit. I have seen them. You can modify the faceplate to fit but do not force the phone to fit in side the faceplate. It will break, trust me. And if you break it the warrenty will not cover becouse you removed the screws.

    Good Luck... You'll need it. Hehe
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