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    I went to get it now, and to messaging, but I couldn't find it to download, where can I get AIM ?

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    I beleive there's only 2 ways to get AIM...

    (1)Send a [text] message to 4646 with your username a space, and then your password..

    example: brand7Ox7new password

    You'll get a message back notifying you that you have signed on. And I think you need to log on from a computer to establish your "mobile buddy list" which can only have 30 buddies. But others will be able to send you message who aren't on your buddy list.

    And to log off send a message to 4647 with the word "off" as the body of the message.

    Based on past experiences I found out that you will automatically be logged off 24 hours after you logged on, so if you want to be logged on semi-permanetley I suggest you try the next method.

    (2) The only other way that I know of is to sign up for IM forwarding.

    While Logged onto AIM from your computer bring up your buddy list, go to Preferences (or Prefs) and under "Category" select "IM/Chat" and there should be a button labeled "IM Forwarding" towards the bottom of the Preferences window. Click it. Internet explorer should launch in a new window. All you have to do now is follow the instructions that come up.

    The only thing with IM forwarding is that you can't initiate a message, you can only reply to one that someone has sent you.

    Example: You want to talk to Jane. You can't IM her from your cellphone until she sends you a message and you reply to it.

    And once you set your away message from your computer or log off, all the message people send you should get sent to your cellphone.

    Hope this helps!

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