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    Hey! Ok, my service provider is US Cellular, and I have no data cable, how can I get new ringtones onto my phone? Do I have to get EasyEdge?
    And also, are there any free ringtone sites that support Kyocera AND US Cellular? Because I cant find one, so I downloaded an app to send them, but since I cant get on the internet from my phone, I dont know how to get ringtones or anything. Thanks in advance,


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    Great Ringtone Site & It Is FREE


    This site has downloadable ringtones for the Phantom phone. All you need is the data cable to get them into your phone. These you can pick up fairly cheaply. It is extremely easy to do also.

    Enjoy !

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    Us celluar and ringtones

    Us Cellullar's new phones do not support WAP meaning that you can not download rigntones off the internet and then send them to your phone the only place that you can get the cables is either thru kyocera or off some off site that sells cell phone items but you have to be very careful using the data cable with alot of phones because if the phone doesn't have a large memory like this phone doesn't it will cause the phone to lock up and all the phone will do is bring up this little symbol of a computer and a cell phone transfering and the phone will have to be flashed by a tech. Us cellular does offer the easy edge free for a month best thing to do would just be to try it for a month pay for the ringtones you want and then cancel it if you don't want it anymore but alot of people after trying want to keep it cause the easy edge is really pretty neat with all the things that are available.

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    kyocera hard

    u should get the data cable kyocera kx414 is very hard to do ringtones its alot of work it took me like 2 months to finally get it workin good luck

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