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    I'm a newbie, and I'm hearing impaired. I use the HATIS headset for my hearing aid, and I noticed that when I turn up the "earpiece volume" it also turns up the microphone volume! To others hearing me, it sounds like I'm YELLING at them, when I'm not.

    I did an elimination process to see if it's my headset or the phone. Turns out that it's the phone. How I find out is that some CDMA phones have two different modes built in: PCS or Trimode. My K9 Rave is a CDMA/PCS. I tried out a phone that is a CDMA/Trimode. And guess what, the trimode works well with my headset, and does not mess with the microphone volume.

    Problem? How do I go about exchanging the K9 phone (K433L/CDMA/PCS) for a K9 Rave Trimode phone (K434N, KE434, KE434C, KX434)?

    I have Virgin Mobile as my carrier.



    See More: K9 Rave-headset problem
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