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    hey whats up everyone
    I'm new to this board here
    I have a Kyocera KX2. so far its a great phone, but like everybody else I want real voice ringtones, as in MP3s, for me...sending MIDI ringers is easy..I just use www.freeringers.net, and I can send them there, I tried sending an MP3, opened it and the phone rebooted,
    then I send a qcp file, opened, when I saved..it was REALLY quiet, so that website wont work for sending voice tones to me,

    So I decided to go with the datacable, first off, where is the best place to get them, either online or instore? and whats the best price I can get it in?
    Also when it comes to software for uploading the data to the phone, which is the best? I mainly just want voice ringers btw,
    so if someone could let me know that'd be cool

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    what software did you use to load them to yur phone

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    qcp files

    I have the same problem with my KX1. I do have the data cable, and have sent qcp files (you can even rename the extension to .mid) they only play through the ear speaker, not the ringer on the back side.

    Does anyone have a solution to this??

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