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    I have an old Kyocera 2235 that I want to unlock and try using with my T-Mobile sim card. I don't even know how to begin to do this.

    Also, and this is the major problem- the phone is like new (I bought it new and used it for one month on a no-contract plan and then packed it up while I was out of the country for a while), but I can not turn it on. When I plug it in to the charger I get the little hour glass graphic, and sometimes a message that says "phone is off" and something about it charging. I've tried letting it charge overnight like you sometimes have to do with a new battery, but nothing works.

    Can anyone advise me on this? I don't want to buy a new battery if I'm not going to be able to unlock the phone.

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    i think battery is the problem of your cellphone. try to go to this site www.eforcity.com this is where i get if i need something for my phone at the right price. krocera is not easy to unlock. i have unlocking but good only for nokia. check this site to, www.cellularpager.com and this people are pro, they unlock my samsungs105. email them first about your phone before sending it to them. they located in california. they charge $20 for unlocking but the s/h to go back to is included to that $20 that you gonna send.

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