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    I have a Kyocera K9 with Virgin Mobile. I live in an major urban area and in parts of my house I get NO signal, or maybe just one bar, calls drop IF they can get through or they go straight to voicemail - the phone never even rings. Some times my phone says "searching." I can get maybe two or three bars out and about in my neighborhood of one and two story buildings.

    A couple of questions ......
    What gadgets, if any, would you recommend I attach to my phone to boost the signal - cell booster plate inside or extendable antenna? (I just discovered both only moments ago..) Do they work????


    is it possible to just forward the calls to another cell phone by programming something on the kyocera phone???? I'd just ditch the phone after everyone knew my new number.

    Be gentle - I'm a newbie.

    Thank you!

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    Hi Wind2005,

    Your problem sounds similiar to my friend's. He had a problem getting calls inside his house. He tried putting extendable antenna but it did not help him. He heard from another friend about a signal booster and got one from a company called Wireless Extenders. He says this device fixed his cell phone reception problem inside his house.

    You can actually purchase a product off the website that works... I guess this Wireless Extenders is going to be hot...

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