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    I need urgent help to get unlock code and procedure for a MTV edition Kyocera V5 Slider SE47 from Virgin Mobile

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    Try this---> First, call *228.

    Then hit # # 2 7 7 3 END and tell me what happens ##4771 - GPS menu, 1.) Backup Settings with PST
    2.) Change ESN of slider to ESN of 8600
    3.) Change SPC to 000000
    4.) Go into Service Programming (Dial 111111 and press OK) on phone
    5.) Go into NAM2
    6.) Change MIN to phone number of 8600
    7.) Make sure MDN is the same
    8.) Change Home SID to HOME SID of 8600
    9.) Change Home SID/NID (both)
    10.) Press hang up and let phone reboot
    11.) Dial *22801 to let phone get programmed...

    When I try to place a call, it rings about once or twice... sounds like someone picks up, but the ring just goes quiet and and then it hangs up...

    What am I doing wrong or missing??? What should I do to get this to work???

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    07-26-2004 21:36

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    First clarify a few things....

    Are you trying to get a VM Slider to work with your existing Verizon account?

    If so, here's a few notes....

    step #2 - you don't need to change the ESN on the slider.
    Is all you needed to do was logon to verizonwireless.com and assign the Slider ESN to your existing account (under 'acct maintenance / actcivate phone')

    step #11 - Was the programming successful? Sometimes *22801, especially if the VM Slider was already activated

    Sounds like you can't make calls...Can you receive calls on the phone?

    Lastly - what's the phone's PRL (under 111111 version info)
    If it starts with 10, then you might still be connected through Sprint. This might not matter, but it's worth checking out.

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    Re: Unlock code for Virgin MTV edition Kyocera V5 Slider


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