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    hey guys, i have a Kyocera STROBE (hence the title, lol) and both screens are acting all weird. sometimes when i take the battery out for a couple of hours the screens will work for a couple of seconds, then start doing it again. i went to the metro guy and he didnt even bother looking at it, he told me i needed a new phone (didnt see that one coming =P ). so do i really have to get a new phone? or is it a battery problem?

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    Re: Kyocera STROBE screen problem

    I have had mine for over a year and havn't had this problem. The only thing that mine does is randomly shut down and restart. The alltel guy said it was updating software, but it does it so often I don't know if that is it or not.

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    Re: Kyocera STROBE screen problem

    The Strobe (aka Switch_Back) is a buggy little phone. I wouldn't put anything past it behaviorwise. I had one and it reset itself all the time.

    My advise is ditch the Strobe and get the Wild Card, which is the upgraded version of the Strobe and seems less buggy.
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