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    So I purchase a Kyocera Marbel phone to get with Virgin Moblie because I do not wish to enter into a long term agreement.

    After two month the phone develops an organge "spot" on the screen that does not allow me to see through it to read messages, phone numbers etc. It has become unuseable.

    I tried to contact Virgin Mobile, they say it's the phone. I return to Circuit City and get a "customer service" representative with an attitude that says contact Kyocera.

    I E-mail Kyocera and they respond saying they will responed in one business day. After five business days Monday through Friday, I e-mail them again. They say they try to repond but do get busy. They will TRY to get to my issue ASAP, but if wish to purchase sopmething call this number. Five days? They must have a lot of problems with their phones.

    NO HELP!

    I would suggest NOT purchasing a Kyocera product or using Virgin Moblle. NO HELP, NO RESPONSE. If your not buying...........we're not interested.

    Thanks for listening.


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