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    I recently got a Kyocera k612 and wanted to back up my contacts, photos, etc.... and ive been looking around for the software and found some like Kyocera Phone Desktop and Mobile Phone Tools and couldn't get any of them to work. On amazon I bought a usb data cable for the phone and the cable is fine but i cant get my computer to recognize my phone and nither will the softwares.

    Please Help me.

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    Re: Kyocera k612- HELP PLEASE

    I do not have info specific to k612, but connectablitity via the data cable is usually carrier specific. For example, Virgin Mobile sells Kyocera phones which may appear versitile, but in fact, no graphics or tones can be uploaded, except through their VXL system, at their price. So, in fact, the "data cable" only has one function: it allows you to charge the battery with your PC.

    If you have another carrier, you may have other options available. But unless a capablility is *****ed out in the user's manual, there is a good (bad?) chance it isn't available.

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