Change the Clock/Calendar Display

Select a clock/calendar display on the screen in standby mode.

1. Press Menu/OK > Settings > Display > Clock/Calendar.
2. Highlight an option and press Menu/OK twice.

Set a Custom Greeting

You can display your own custom greeting in standby mode.

1. Press Menu/OK> Settings > Display > Greeting > Custom.
2. Enter a custom greeting and press Menu/OK .
3. Press DONE (left soft key) to save your greeting.

Change the Phone’s Menu Style

Choose the layout of your phone‘s menu.

1. Press Menu/OK to display the main menu.
2. Press OPTIONS (right soft key) > Grid View or List View to change the menu style.

Change the Font Size

Adjust the font size for the screen. This setting does not affect all screens.
1. Press Menu/OK > OPTIONS (right soft key) > Large Font or Normal Font – or – Press Menu/OK > Settings > Display > Font Size – or – Press Menu/OK > Settings > Others > Accessibility > Font Size.

2. Highlight a font size. You can see the current and new font sizes in the display window above the menu.
3. If you are satisfied with the font size, press SAVE (left soft key).

Display Language

You can choose to display your phone‘s onscreen menus in English or in Spanish.

1. Press Menu/OK > Settings > Others > Language.
2. Select English or Español.

Adjust the Phone’s Volume Settings

You can separately adjust the volume of various sounds your phone makes.

1. Press Menu/OK > Settings > Volume.
2. Select Incoming Ringer, Playback Volume, Power Up/Down, or Key Beeps. If you select Power Up/Down, select On or Off. If you select Key Beeps, select Tone Volume or Tone Type.
3. Select a volume level and press Menu/OK .

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