By syncing your corporate email account with your Kyocera Event, you’ll be able to read, manage and exchange emails just as you would with an IMAP or POP3 account, but you can also access extra Exchange features.

Note: In order to acc a Corporate account you may need to check with your network administrator for certain details.

1. Press the Home key and select the Menu icon.
2. Then tap System settings -> select Accounts & sync.
3. Tap ADD ACCOUNT and select Corporate.
4. In the designated fields enter your corporate Email address and Password -> tap Next.
5. Then enter the Domain or Username, the Password as well as Server information in the designated fields and tap Next when finished.
Note II: Normally, the format of the exchange server is, but to be sure, check with your network administrator.
6. In case your network requires SSL encryption, just tap the Use secure connection (SSL) box and activate this security level. In case your exchange server does need to use SSL and you don’t check the field, you may not be able to connect to the server.
7. When and if you see the on-screen activation disclaimer, tap Next.
8. You can then make the desired settings when it comes to your Inbox checking frequency or Days to sync.
9. Then select other desired email settings and tap Next.
10. Type in a unique name for your account then tap Done.
Note 3 : In order for your device to automatically set up the Exchange ActiveSync account, the corporate Exchange server has to support auto-detect. In case the auto-detect option is missing, you need to manually enter the Exchange Server settings.

See More: Kyocera Event: Adding a Corporate Account (Exchange ActiveSync)