Changing the Wallpaper

1. Go to the desired home screen location and tap an empty area on the screen.
2. Then select one of the following options:
Gallery -> here you can set as wallpaper one of the existing photos on your phone, such as captured pictures or other saved photos. All you need to do is select the desired photo -> then crop it and select Set wallpaper.
Live Wallpapers -> if you select to use a Live Wallpaper, your battery life will drain faster. To use a live wallpaper, tap Set wallpaper.
Wallpapers -> select the desired preset wallpaper that you’d like to use and then tap Set wallpaper.

Adding Apps and Widgets to the Home Screen

1. From the desired Home screen, tap the Apps icon -> and go to the APPS or WIDGETS screen - depending on the item that you’d like to add to the home screen.
2. Tap and hold the desired app or widget icon until the Home screen appears.
3. Then move your finger on the screen to the location where you’d like to add the icon.
4. When ready, release your finger.

Moving and Removing Items from the Home Screen

1. From the desired Home screen location, tap and hold the item that you’d like to move or remove.
2. If you want to remove the item, tap and hold it until the X Remove appears at the top of the screen and then drag the item over the X Remove. When it turns red, release your finger.
3. If you’d like to just move an icon, then tap and hold it and then drag it to a new area on the screen and release your finger.

Favorites Tray

In the Favorites Tray you’ll find the icons most used. These icons will remain visible on all the Home screens and you can change all of them, with the exception of the Applications icon that is located in the center of your Favorites Tray.

If you want to add a new icon to the Favorites Tray, follow the next options:

1. You first need to remove one of the existing icons on the Favorites tray. You can do that by tapping and holding the icon and then dragging it to the X Remove located at the top of the screen. See step 2 of Moving and Removing Items from the Home Screen, for more information.
2. Then tap and hold the app that you’d like to add to the tray -> release your finger.

Adding Folders

With the help of folders you can easily organize your Home screen. To create a new folder, follow the next steps:

1. From the desired Home screen, drag one app icon over another one and release your finger.
2. A new folder will then be created (it looks like a black circle).
3. To open the folder, tap the circle and you’ll be able to see the apps inside them. To add more apps to it, simply drag them on top of the folder.
4. To rename your folder tap Unnamed Folder and enter the desired name.

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