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    As you probably know by now, Google Talk is an instant messaging program by Google that you can use to chat with your friends, provided that they also have a Google account.

    Signing In and Chatting

    In order to start chatting with your friends, you need to first sign into your Google Talk account:
    1. Press the Home key and tap Apps.
    2. Then tap Talk. This will open the Google Talk.
    3. And you will be then signed in automatically with your Google account.

    Adding a New Friend

    Only people who already have a Google account can be added to Google Talk.

    1. From the friends list screen tap the Add a friend icon.
    2. Then enter your friend’s Gmail address or Google Talk ID.
    3. When finished, tap DONE.
    4. The friends you’ve sent invitations to will appear offline until they decide to accept your friend request.

    Accepting or Cancelling New Friend Requests

    1. From the friends list screen.
    2. Then tap Chat invitation.
    3. If you have a new friend request, a pop-up window will appear.
    4. Then tap Accept or Cancel, as desired.

    Changing Your Status Message

    1. From the friends list screen.
    2. Tap your email address, located at the top of the list.
    3. Then tap the status -> select another status from the menu and if you also want to enter a new status message, tap the text box located below the online status -> enter the desired status message.
    4. When ready, press the Back key.

    Chatting With Your Friends

    1. From the friends list screen, tap the friend you’d like to send a message to.
    2. Then tap the text box and enter your message.
    3. To send the message, tap the Send icon.
    4. To switch to a different friend, from the friends list, simply tap the new friend you want to talk to.

    Closing a Chat

    1. While on one of your chat screens, press the Menu key -> select End chat.
    2. You can also go to the friends list screen and press the Menu key and select End all chats. This will close all of your existing chats.

    Viewing Your Friends List

    1. From the friends list screen, press the Menu key.
    2. Tap Display option and select one of the following options:
    Availability -> this will show you only the friends you chat frequently with and the available ones.
    Name -> your friends will be sorted by name.
    Recency -> this will show the friends you chat with the most first.

    Blocking Your Friends

    1. From the friends list screen.
    2. Tap the name of the friend you wish to block.
    3. Then press the Menu key and select Friend info -> Block.
    4. That particular friend will then be removed from your friends list and will be added to the blocked friends list.

    Unblocking Friends

    1. From the friends list screen, press the Menu key.
    2. Then tap Settings -> select your account.
    3. Tap Blocked friends -> from the blocked friends list, tap the name you wish to unlock.
    4. Then tap OK to confirm this action.

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    Re: Use Google Talk (Chat, Add New Friends, Manage Friends & More) with Your Kyocera Event

    Thank you for sharing such a nice info

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