Performing a Master Reset via Software

The master or factory reset should be performed only as last resort. So in case your smartphone is unresponsive and all the other troubleshooting steps didnít work, performing a master/factory reset may help to solve the problem. Itís also a good idea to reset your device if youíre about to give it to another person.

No matter the case, before resetting your device, itís highly recommended to back up your data as all the 3rd party apps, messages and contacts will be wiped from your phone!

1. From the Home screen, press the Menu key.
2. Then touch System settings -> scroll to and touch Backup & reset -> take a look at the BACKUP & RESTORE options and check or uncheck the desired ones. For example, you can select to back up your data to the Google servers.
3. In case the Backup account field indicates that you need to set a Google account, touch the field and select the desired Google account or touch Add account if youíd like to create a new one.
4. Then tap Factory data reset.
5. A warning message will appear - > read it and tap Reset phone.
6. In case youíd like to also erase the content of the microSD card, tap Erase SD card, but keep in mind that if the memory card is erased, you wonít be able to recover its content.
7. Then select Erase everything.
8. Your Kyocera Torque will return to its factory settings and then it will restart.
9. Congratulations! Your smarpthone has been reset.

Performing Master Reset via Hardware

The master reset via hardware will have the same implications as a software factory reset, so if you can, make sure you back up all your data first. This type of reset is especially useful if your device so unresponsive that you canít even turn it on to reset it via software.

1. Turn the device off. To make sure your device is turned off completely, remove its battery and reinsert it.
2. Then press and hold the Volume down button.
3. While holding Volume down button, press and hold the Power key.
4. When the Kyocera logo appears, release both buttons.
5. It may take up to 15-20 seconds for the logo to appear, so donít worry if it doesnít show up immediately.
6. Then use the Volume down button to select wipe data/factory reset and then press the Power key when the wipe data/factory reset is highlighted.
7. Using the Volume down button again, go to Yesódelete all user data and press the Power key.
8. After the wipe has been complete, use the Volume down button to highlight reboot system now and press the Power key.
9. Your smartphone will then restart.
10. Congratulations! Your device should now be ready to use.

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