I bought a Prepaid Kyocera Event phone last week and need to know a few things.
First off, I am not planning on getting it activated, I bought primarily to use as a music player, camera, video and wi-fi.
While it said 3G/wi-fi, does that mean I can use 3G without it being activated?

I may get some apps if I can figure out how to do it, not a whole bunch but maybe a few games and some other free apps.
I seen where I can "Force Stop" the running apps in "Battery" but seems like every time I turn it off and then on they are active again. Is there a way to disable they so they are not running every time I turn it on?
If I connect to internet with wi-fi I noticed it turns some stuff on also.
I'm just trying to get the most battery life because sometimes where I go, I may not see a power outlet for several days.

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