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    Check the Amount of SD Card Storage:

    1. Open the apps drawer
    2. Go to “Settings”
    3. Tap “Storage”
    4. Swipe to “SD card” to review the “Available” storage

    Format the SD Card:

    WARNING! When you format the SD card, all data stored on it will be removed. If needed, back up your data before proceeding.

    1. Tap “Apps” on the home screen
    2. Open “Settings”
    3. Tap “Storage”
    4. Swipe to “Erase SD card”
    5. Tap “Erase SD card” again to confirm

    Change the Default Storage Location:

    NOTE: Pre-loaded applications will store data on the phone’s internal memory by default. However, you can change the settings for each pre-loaded app in order to use the SD card as the default storage location. For example, here’s how to set the Camera app:

    1. Open “Camera”
    2. Go to “Settings”
    3. Tap “Data storage” and select “SD card”

    NOTE: Other apps have similar data storage options which can be accessed via “Settings”

    Open / Delete SD Card Files:

    1. Open the apps drawer
    2. Launch “File Command”
    3. To open a file, tap it
    4. To remove the file, tap & hold it, and select “Delete”

    Transfer Files Between Internal Storage and SD Card:

    1. Tap “Apps”
    2. Launch “File Commander”
    3. Locate the file you want to transfer
    4. Tap and hold the file
    5. Select “Copy” or “Cut”
    6. Navigate to the target location on the internal memory or SD card, and tap “Paste”

    Transfer Files between the SD Card and Windows PC:

    NOTE: If you don’t have an SD card reader for your computer, you can transfer the files on the SD card by performing the following:

    1. Connect the Hydro Air to your PC via USB
    2. Drag the “Status” bar down
    3. Tap “Touch for other USB options”
    4. Select “Media device (MTP)”
    5. Open an Explorer window on the PC
    6. Access the phone’s SD card directory
    7. Copy the desired files and transfer them on your computer (or from PC to SD card)
    8. After the transfer is done, eject the phone storage from the system tray, and safely disconnect the phone from the computer

    Transfer Files between the SD Card and a Mac Computer:

    1. Open the Internet browser on the Mac
    2. Visit
    3. Click “Download now”
    4. Run “androidfiletransfer.dmg” on the Mac, then drag “Android File Transfer” to “Applications
    5. Establish a USB connection between the Hydro Air and Mac
    6. Make sure the phone is connected as a “Media device (MTP)”
    7. Open “Android File Transfer” on the Mac
    8. Locate the desired files and use drag > drop to transfer files between the SD and Mac storage

    See More: Kyocera Hydro Air: Manage the SD Card Storage / Files

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    Re: Kyocera Hydro Air: Manage the SD Card Storage / Files

    I just had to stop a minute and say THANK YOU!!!!!! I bought this phone (Kyocera Hydro AIR C6745) about a week ago from Walmart because my Nokia Lumia 1520 screen busted when I dropped it and wouldn't do anything and I needed a cheap phone to use while mine was sent off. I bought a brand new 16 GB micro SD card for the external memory. I am completely ignorant when it comes to anything seriously tech, I know enough to get by and work my way around my phone, tablet, lap top, etc but this stumped me. I couldn't find a way to move the whole apps to my new sd card. I would go to 'Settings' then 'Storage' and touch on the app and press 'Move to SD Card' but only a very small amount (I believe it was only the cached memory but I'm not 100% sure) would move. I have looked and looked and looked but would only read the same things over and over and it was what I already knew. I found your forum and WOO-HOO!!!! I did it!!! Thank you so much!! You saved me so many headaches!!!

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    Re: Kyocera Hydro Air: Manage the SD Card Storage / Files

    Hello. I have a Kyrocera Hydro and I'm trying to put in a 32GB in mine. The brand if the sd card is a PNY. Please let me know.

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