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    I have a Kyocera Jax S1360 from Assurance Wireless. I want to use my own ringtone, but I can't find any way to get it on the phone.

    I have tried plugging the phone into my USB. It connects as a modem, but there's no way to transfer anything. It does not appear as a USB storage device.

    I have tried to send a file from my PC via bluetooth. My PC says "File not sent. No FTP service found." (See attached screenshot.)

    I have tried sending an MMS, but it doesn't go through.

    I have installed BitPim on my PC, but it says "No phone detected."

    I am all out of ideas. Does anybody know how to add a ringtone to my phone?

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    Re: How can I add ringtones to my Kyocera Jax?

    Text automatically translated from: German to: English
    I must honestly admit that I hear for the first Time from the Kyocera phone. The printer that I already know. Had a that I more often here https://www.rucka.de/ had to repair, but phone is a new thing for me.
    Could you solve your Problem?


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    Re: How can I add ringtones to my Kyocera Jax?

    1. Is there any setting to connect PC??
    2. Use another cable to connect to the PC.
    3. Connect with any other mobile Bluetooth and share the ringtone.

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