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    I have an LG LX5550 cell phone. I have the data cable from future dial. I have Bitpim version 0.7.15. Bitpim works fine when i set Bitpim to a LX4500. I have 2 problems.
    (1) The wallpapers that i have downloaded arent as crisp as they are on my computer. I know they should look better because i used to have a i730 and they looked great.
    (2) When i download my MP3 ringers they are way too soft, have tried everything to get them louder but nothing works.
    Has anyone else had these issues and does anyone know how to solve them? I read you could make your ringers louder with Sound Forge, but it dosent work with Windows 98. Love my phone just trying to figure out how to make it better. Any and all suggestions are appreciated. There is way too much information out there, i was hoping that i could find someone that has a LX5550, that has figured out all of this stuff, that could help me. Thanks Terry

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    >>1<< -- the wallpapers may not be crisp because the screen may not be as good as the i730's...

    >>2<< -- to get the mp3s louder..i searched on yahoo and found something that works pretty good.

    >>if you cant find any progs to make them louder..email me and ill email you the one i have<<
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