I am having couple problems.... I got this phone from a friend, and they would'nt exchange it for her cause its about a month old, and the cingular store told her they only exchange the phone within the week.

Ok. so Cingular LG L1200:

1) The phone memory (Gallery memory) information states the memory is Full at 300000B, but there are no pictures in the Gallery.
2) When I take a picture with the camera, I can view the picture in the Gallery right after I take it, but that's it. If I scroll, or exit the Gallery and try to go back in, it will always give me "Decoding Error"

So does anyone know any "codes" for LG L1200 so that maybe I can reset the Gallery memory to 0? like Factory reset code that will just clear out all the memory??

And have anyone else had problems with the "Decoding Error" and what it is or how to resolve it??


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