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    if you could tell me some pro's and cons of the phone I would be most appreciative. Its just killing me that it doesn't take videos, well, at least it says it duzent

    also, I was at a cingular store and the guy there sez lg phone are not durable and horrible. Is that true?

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    I got my L1400 about a month ago. My main problems with it is it doesn't allow all the options I want with the phone and I can barely hear the phone when it rings (even when the phone is on full volume). Other than that it is a decent phone however I don't think that it is the best out there.

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    I just sold mine..it wasn't a horrible phone, it was just time for something new. Pros, I like the way it looks, buttons were easy to push, loved the external display, camera wasn't horrible. I found it pretty durable, dropped lots of times and no problems working. The only problem I've had with it working happened because of me... I accidently pushed "delete all" on my pictures, and it doesn't have a confirm or cancel, so not knowing what to do an panicking I shut the phone.. so now it has a weird bar of color across the screen only when in camera mode, but it does not interfere with the pictures. Cons: Yeah you really can't hear it ring.There are also a lot of customizing options this phone doesn't have. I had a few issues with the phone freezing for a minute, when you get ahead of it. Only happened maybe 3 times though. I agree with the above, it is a decent phone, but definitely not the best out there.

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