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    Ok people listen up and please help! ok my phone is bein weird (LG C1300) the screen size is 128x128 pixels and I get wallpapers that r that size off the internet on my phone and save them but the dont fit!!! why? oh and another thing when you get a message of any kind like text, multimedia, voice, this little menu pops up on your screen to tell you, so i checked by messages but IT STILL STAYS THERE!! so i dont know wut to do please HELP!!

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    Phone: Samsung SGH a707

    Service: Cingular

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    The wallpapers won't fit properly on your screen
    unless the graphic is 129 x 132. Also, make sure that you convert it to a . GIF file.

    As for the txt messages, I haven't quite figured that part out yet. When you see the popup again, don't try to access your folder manually, just press on the little envelope and then check your messages ...that usually works for me.

    Hope I helped out a little!

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