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    I've spent much time looking at posts here and guides elsewhere, but I'm not having luck with my synching.

    I'm using:
    BitPim 7.15 (nothing above 7.16 would get my phonebook)

    DigitalPimp 1.4.3

    Outlook 2002 from Office XP


    All I want to do is get my contacts off of my phone and into Outlook. From there I want to clean them up and add some more and then send them back to the phone.

    BitPim is doing fine getting my data off the phone and it is doing fine importing from Outlook. The prob is with the whole vcard export option: it only exports one contact even when I select "All"

    Digital Pimp does fine on the Calendar sync, but locks up with "An unexpected error occurred" when trying to sync Contacts.

    So, I can't get any Contact data to Outlook. I've tried different baud settings and gone from USB to RS 232C and back and can't get it to push on thru no matter what setting.

    I know lots of users have posted specific errors with BitPim and I'm sorry if this been done to death. If I can't figure it all out I'll just edit in BitPim and be fine. I'd love to get it all in Outlook, though, if possible.


    I've downloaded the QPST app, but haven't tried it yet. I'm not interested in manipulating pictures or other files. I'll only use it if there is a contact sync option. Does it have that?

    See More: DigitalPimp/BitPim/Outlook help please

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    Trappe Maryland

    I have BitPIM 7.23 and just got QPST (a very technical application).
    BitPIM will not yet work with calendar on the VX7000,
    what is DigitalPIMP, where do you get it?
    And what does it do?
    I am looking for something where I can maintain my Calendar on my PC (Windows XP) and download this into my phone.

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    Digital Pimp info

    Digital Pimp (1.4.3) will sync your phone with Outlook's Contacts and Calendar. If you use it, make sure you look at the Option menu before clicking on the Synchronize buttons, as it will overwrite phone's data. Options | Settings will let you set synchronization direction and details. In effect, it is somewhat redundant to BitPim if you can use BitPim to get your numbers off the phone, export them to Outlook, then import them back to BitPim -- Digital Pimp just does it all in one sync option. Here's the link: http://home.san.rr.com/almilli/pim/

    I finally just exported my phone's contacts one by one as vCards (it couldn't do them as a group) an imported them one by one into Outlook. Now I'll clean things up and import them back to BitPim and send them to my phone.


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