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    I just received the LX5550 from Alltel and have started regretting the purchase immediately.

    I'm trying to download tones/images to the phone via text message (sms).

    I keep getting the same error [ Cannot save preloaded or invalid object ]

    I've tried several format .jpg .gif and .bmp but nothing seems to work. I've tried several different file sizes and most are under 5k.

    any suggestions?

    I've got the data cable on order, but was trying to get something on the phone while i wait.


    See More: Cannot Save Preloaded or invalid Object - LX5550 Alltel

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    Just because you ahve the cable doesnt mean anything..> You need software that will alow you to dl the music to your phone There is a really great lady on ebay that I highly recommend [email protected] She has a program with thousands and thousands of rintones wallpapers etc... let her know your phone model number in the email

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