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    When I star bitpim and when I press Date->Get Phone Data-> OK
    it gives me this screen....

    An unexpected exception has occurred.
    Please see the help for details on what to do.

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "gui.pyo", line 152, in run
    File "gui.pyo", line 92, in __call__
    File "gui.pyo", line 1160, in getdata
    File "gui.pyo", line 1154, in getfundamentals
    File "com_lgvx4400.pyo", line 85, in getfundamentals
    File "com_brew.pyo", line 238, in getfilecontents
    File "com_brew.pyo", line 381, in sendbrewcommand
    File "com_phone.pyo", line 112, in setmode
    File "com_brew.pyo", line 329, in _setmodebrew
    File "com_brew.pyo", line 431, in sendbrewcommand
    CommsWrongPort: LG-VX6000: The port you are using is echoing data back, and is not valid for Brew data. Most likely you have selected the modem interface when you should be using the diagnostic interface.

    Variables by last 8 frames, innermost last

    Frame getdata in gui.pyo at line 1160
    self = <WorkerThread(BitPim helper, started daemon)>
    req = <guiwidgets.GetPhoneDialog; proxy of C++ wxDialog instance at _e0d5b701_p_wxDial
    todo = [(<bound method WorkerThread.rebootcheck of <WorkerThread(BitPim helper, started

    Frame getfundamentals in gui.pyo at line 1154
    self = <WorkerThread(BitPim helper, started daemon)>
    results = Keys []

    Frame getfundamentals in com_lgvx4400.pyo at line 85
    self = <com_lgvx6000.Phone instance at 0x0202E288>
    results = Keys []

    Frame getfilecontents in com_brew.pyo at line 238
    self = <com_lgvx6000.Phone instance at 0x0202E288>
    req = <p_brew.readfilerequest object at 0x0201DAB0>
    start = 1107200926.7809999
    file = 'nvm/$SYS.ESN'
    data = <cStringIO.StringO object at 0x00A06820>
    desc = 'Reading nvm/$SYS.ESN'

    Frame sendbrewcommand in com_brew.pyo at line 381
    callsetmode = True
    request = <p_brew.readfilerequest object at 0x0201DAB0>
    self = <com_lgvx6000.Phone instance at 0x0202E288>
    responseclass = <class 'p_brew.readfileresponse'>

    Frame setmode in com_phone.pyo at line 114
    desiredmode = 'modebrew'
    self = <com_lgvx6000.Phone instance at 0x0202E288>
    strmode = 'none'
    strdesiredmode = 'brew'
    func = '_setmodebrew'
    v = 'writefile'

    Frame _setmodebrew in com_brew.pyo at line 332
    baud = 0
    self = <com_lgvx6000.Phone instance at 0x0202E288>
    req = <p_brew.memoryconfigrequest object at 0x0202A5B0>
    respc = <class 'p_brew.memoryconfigresponse'>

    Frame sendbrewcommand in com_brew.pyo at line 431
    origdata = 'Y\x0c\xc4\xc1~'
    d = 0
    responseclass = <class 'p_brew.memoryconfigresponse'>
    buffer = <prototypes.buffer instance at 0x0202E198>
    request = <p_brew.memoryconfigrequest object at 0x0202A5B0>
    callsetmode = False
    firsttwo = 'Y\x0c'
    crc = '\xc4\xc1'
    data = 'Y\x0c'
    self = <com_lgvx6000.Phone instance at 0x0202E288>

    Does any1 knows how to fix this???


    See More: Driver or cable problems???LGVX6000

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    File "com_lgvx4400.pyo", line 85, in getfundamentals
    looks to me like you selected the wrong phone in the options

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    I have LG VX6000 and I selected the same option...


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