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    Got a new LG VX4500, and have been learning the features. I know how to put it into Driving Mode, but can't find anything to tell me what exactly that is. Ideally, this would turn on the speakerphone, auto answer and voice activated commands. Am I on the right track or way off base here? Any help would be appreciated.


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    I have the lg 5550 that has driving mode and what you said is exactly my driving mode does when I am in the car and have driving mode on the phone instead of ringing tell me I have a incoming call from so and so and would I like to answer and if I say yes the speaker phone activates.

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    Driving Mode

    The Driving Mode is used for hands free conversations. I would normally activate it when getting into the car and then clip the phone to the sunvisor. When you want to make a call, simply flip open the phone and the voice activation takes over. The recording then says "please say a command". If you want to dial a number stored in you phone book say "contacts", the recording would then say "please say a name". If your wife's/girlfriend's cell number is stored and is labeled "Donna's Cell" then simply say "Donna's Cell". The recoding will say "did you say Donna's Cell", you say "yes" and the it will dial it automatically. You can also use it to digital dial numbers which aren't stored in your phonebook. Good Luck. It's a nice feature, I just find the speakerphone part of it not to be as loud as I would like.

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