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    I have already put 26 custom mp3 ringtones on my LG7000,and there all like 20 second clips.I was just wondering,how much can I fit on this phone? And also someone was telling me that if you put too much on the phone,that it will start to disable some functions.Experts,what you know?

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    I believe that is hav 4 megs of memory...and I was able to hold 100 pics wit hplenty of rooom to spare. It could probly hold 200 pics...that what it says.

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    I'm awaiting a response from Verizon on this very issue...

    I've uploaded many wallpapers and mp3 ringers, and taken several pics with it and a few videos. The BREW memory for GIN is 4.8-something mb, and for me, that's at 0%. I'm not using my GIN memory for anything. So that would make the memory capacity at least more than 4mb. I've heard that it has a bunch of memory that is strictly partitioned (200 pics, 30 videos, and then GIN). Therefore, you couldn't get 31 videos by storing the extra one in additional picture memory. It's partitioned and blocked for each purpose. Hopefully Verizon will answer me soon.
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