On this preticular model there was a recall on this phone due to software problems the ear piece quits working and the display screen would flip backwards etc. I work for a company that actually took the phones off the shelf till LG resolved this problem supposedly the problem was fixed and I liked the phone so I bought a preowned one that was avaible at my work loved it and then less than a week after I got it it quit working I mean literally quit working it turned it self off and wouldn't come back on. Ok fine I had warranty so I sent it in to our repair center who from there sent me a new (refurbished)series of this phone because mine was unrepairable alright so I was happy ok I got the phone back not even 2 weeks did I have it and this one did the same thing so I contacted LG and they are not willing to do anything they said I could just send it back to them and they will either fix or replace it with another refurished phone that might work better. I asked for them to send me a new phone and they said that their was no way for them to do that. So I complained that I sell these phones on a daily basis and how is someone in my position susposed to stand behind these phone if they aren't willing to admit there is a problem with them our company said that the problem only affected 10% of the phones that were sold but I think its alot larger number anyone out there have problems with this phone ????

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