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    Users of the LG-VX7000 beware.

    The belt clip that comes with the phone does not, in any way, protect the front LCD screen on the phone.

    Mine cracked and became unusable when it collided with an arm rest on a chair. A hit so slight it wasn't even noticed until I used the phone hours later.

    Verizon replaced the phone (as part of an upgrade deal) but it still cost $$$. LG has what some would say is a poor design for that belt clip. The size of the front L-C-D is such that it apparently is more vulnerable to cracking.

    I really didn't miss the front screen, but it was draining the battery even with the backlight switched OFF.


    See More: VX-7000 Front LCD Vulnerable to breakage!

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    damn thats scary! lol, my 6000 acts stupid sometimes! like when i was playing my ringtones for a friend then i flip down the phone and then the phone reboots itself! it only happens sometimes like every 3 months! have any of u guys had this problem with the 6000 or the 7000?

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    wow.. you would think to be carefull. I just got my 7000 and have droped it twice, on purpose to see if it breaks easyly.. np yet. I got a 2 year replacement on it through best-buy.
    but still ya must have been traveling real fast and not being carefull at all.

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