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    i tried searching but found nothing i was looking for. Also i am new so plz bare with me. I just bought my LG 6190 about a week ago and absoloutely love it, but as in other threads i have read I really hate the fact that telus tweaked the software so we cant download ringtones off regular sites through wap... anywayz i was wondering which data cable i would have to aquire in order to put ringtones, pictures and games onto my phone? any help would be greatly appreciated.

    P.S. i was going to buy the one on thephonemall.net but realized they had no credit card option and im not a big fan of pay pal so thats out of the question but i read that data cables for another phone work on this 1 so any help would be appreciated... thanks in advance.

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    I have only just attempted the same route with the same phone and as far as I've gotten has cost me $99.00 from Telus. There was no # for the cable but the box states "works with LG 3200", and it does work with the 6190. In the little research I've done so far it would appear that it is a common cable with several LG models and can be purchased for a lot less than what I paid. Appropriate software is also needed. Good luck.

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    I bought the data cable for the LG 6100 and it works great on the 6190 ! (much cheaper too!)

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